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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Birthday

My second peanut was due in early November. I was supposed to schedule a c-section the week before her due date, at the end of October. I really didn't want  to have a baby anywhere near Halloween, so I never scheduled the c-section. I thought we would just wait and see. Well, in what only has been true to her form these past 2 years, she made up her mind she was coming early. She was born right around Halloween anyway, on the day that I should have scheduled the c-section. When she makes up her mind to do something, it will happen regardless! So much for trying to control things!

I have decided to embrace the Halloween birthday and go full out on the theme, at least for the first few years anyway. Last year, the kids came in costume, we went on a pumpkin hunt around the yard and then they decorated the pumpkins with stickers. This year we were going to have a Halloween parade down the street, do some pumpkin decorating (this time paper pumpkins) and enjoy some yummy treats. Our power went out the morning of the party and was due to come back on at some point during the 2 hour party. We had gotten the house and treats ready the night before so we were set regardless. At the last minute we went with it anyway...

Here are a few of the cute things that we made for the party.
These are the tables we had in the house with some crafts for the kids to do when they first came in. We cut out pumpkins and various shapes for them to glue on for the eyes, nose and mouth. We also had some themed coloring pages for them to do before the parade. All that work getting things together and the biggest hit was the tattoo station! The kids loved the spider and pumpkin tattoos.

Tattoo frenzy
We made these pretzel ghosts out of pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate. The eyes and mouth are mini chocolate chips.

These witch hats are Keebler fudge stripe cookies, orange frosting and a Hershey kiss on top. So simple and so easy! I found both recipes on this great blog. I Heart Naptime has a ton of great ideas.

I forgot to take a picture of the whole tray of them. They looked much cuter all together. This one just looks pitiful all alone.
The pretzel ghosts  and witch hats were in the favor bag, along with  spider rings, a noise maker,  and a glow stick.

The little pumpkins were their cupcakes after pizza. My little lady could have cared less what was going on around her, she just wanted to eat her cupcake in peace!
Happy Birthday Girl!

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