My quest to find my inner crafty-girl one small project at a time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ugh, I've got nothing. My house sits the same as it did weeks ago.

I feel like I always do this. I get into an activity for a while...and then I stop. I didn't want that to happen to blogging/crafting/housing. But, I am in a rut. I have a pile of things to paint sitting in my laundry room. (Sadly, I have even been to lazy to take pictures of them!) I have: several mirrors, frames, rugs, sconces to re-do but I really don't have the motivation to do them. Then, I feel badly about myself that I am not doing them. Not that people really care if I am blogging or not - it's not my job or anything, but it's public so it's embarrassing if I don't follow through. I don't want to be that girl that never follows through. But, honestly, it's only been about 2 weeks that I haven't really done anything over here! Let's not get all dramatic, Amy!

Maybe this weekend? (It is summer. I am officially off for the summer - free to spend my days with my little ladies. Maybe that's not why I am motivated?) Sadly, I don't even have any ideas of what to do with my loot in the laundry room! And, the things that I do have ideas for seem too overwhelming to even try. Like that upholstered headboard, remember that? Yeah, still thinking about it! Hubs thinks that we will fight a lot if we try - perhaps? Dad will be here soon, maybe we'll wait for him?

Anywho, (there's that word again!) there's my stream of consciousness/guilt over not  having done anything over here. Stay tuned, there might be a wave of activity now that I've professed my laziness/guilt. Look out world!

P.S. Anyone have ideas for something easy/cheap to help Stella get her groove back? (Or Amy get her craft on?)


  1. we all feel like this sometimes. there are a couple ways i treat msyelf when i feel like this.... i force myself to do the project i least want to do. seriously. then once it is done a burden is lifted and i am ready to dive in!
    or i spend countless hours scanning magazines looking for something i can do that is simple and that i already have the things on hand for. but the first option does the trick better for me.... really!
    best of luck, friend!

  2. I definitely go in fits and spurts with decorating. I have a couple of projects hanging in the wings. Hoping to work on them next weekend. Maybe we need to team up?!