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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Insert Embarrassed Face

You can all (and again, by all I mean Mom, Di and maybe one other person) rest assured that I have found my camera! Here comes the embarrassed face part - um, it was in my bag. The whole time. Yeah, I swear, I did really look in there. To be fair, it was buried way down deep underneath Tinkerbell sunglasses, princess stickers, Hello Kitty paper, some crayons and hand sanitizer. Damn you deep pockets!

Anyway, so there you have it - it didn't magically disappear, it just vanished into the vortex of my summer bag. Now I can properly update you on my living room transformation. But not until tomorrow!


  1. uh, hello? i read your blog! just don't always comment.
    can't wait to see the living room progress! and maybe a pic of you in the living room wearing your tinkerbell sunglasses; i mean, i know they are yours.

  2. Ha Ha! I am FAMOUS for doing stuff like that!! Either way it's awesome you found it!

  3. OK, first of KNOW I read this blog. Second of Where's the update??

  4. Still not sure why I haven't walked across the street to check it out!! Maybe on Wednesday if you're around...