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Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting Crafty and a shout out...

My blog is supposed to be about how I am trying to find my inner crafty girl with some DIY trials thrown in there. I am working on it - not quite showing how I get my craft on. Patience, people!
I was racking my brain trying to think of an actual craft project that I have actually done. Then I remembered that I do have some bulletin boards that I made in my daughters' rooms a while back. Well, let's be honest, I only made one of them :) The first one came about from my good friend, Kate, who had made some in her daughters' rooms. Once my younger lady was born, I needed to infuse some color into her plain, little room. Kate suggested we tackle these and I was happy to! Let her tackle it, that is! I bought the supplies and Kate made it. It looked great. She's one crafty lady. Here's the one she made. 
I bought the bulletin board, batting, fabric and ribbon at the craft store and Kate had the staple gun and push pins on hand. She just wrapped the batting around the board first, stapled it and repeated with the fabric. She cut the ribbon and made a little 3x3 grid in both directions on the board. Super easy!

When we moved here I decided to tackle one for my big girl's room.

This time I bought a bigger cork board and decided to go for a more solid color fabric (there are small white dots but you can't really see them.) I made sure to pull the batting and fabric really tight around while stapling. I had some trouble with the ribbon grid - like getting it perfect - but I think it's the kind of thing that only I can notice. 

I used the same push pins that Kate used on baby girl's. After living with it for a few months, I notice that the pins aren't deep enough or something - they don't hold a lot of the things that we put in there. I am thinking maybe I need to sew some big buttons on the cross lines instead...know what I mean? She likes to throw a lot of things on there!

Also, here is a little shout out to my friend, Angie, at Seriously a Homemaker. She is starting a new Monday night feature called "10 Minute Monday." The challenge is to re-do a space in your home in just 10 minutes. I kind of cheated and didn't really re-do something, just cleaned it up. Here it is:
One big (little) mess.

Exactly 10 minutes to kick its butt. 
Pictures to prove it. 
Walk away feeling like a rock star! 

Oops, I see a little sock peeking out of my drawer.

Quick and easy! Told you I would do it, Angie!


  1. Looks much better! Amazing what you can do in 10 minutes! Thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from the linky...

  2. You did it! Can I just say that your before picture looks better than my "current" pic of my dresser? I recently took all the "extra" stuff out of my kids room (paint trays, rollers, bolts, EVERYTHInG) and dropped it onto my dresser. AWESOME.

    Also, i thought i would take this minute to announce that the "n" butto o my keyboard is ot workig today ad i am tired of pastig that letter i every time i eed to write it. let's move o.

    tidbit of advice for my ewest bloggig fried: this post totally could have bee TWO posts. so, ext time, milk it for all you've got!!! actually, if you wat more advice o the little thigs that make blogs go 'roud, i've got loads of it for ya!

    wat it?

    this keyboard problem eeds to be adressed. stat.


  3. Thanks, Angie - I was going to make it 2 posts but I thought the second would be too short so I just combined them. And, yes, more advice puh-lease!

  4. Great job! Also, I love those bulletin boards! Stopping by from Seriously a Homemaker. Fun blog!

  5. Love the bulletin boards! Both are great! And I agree with Angie - you should have split that into 2 posts. I have a tendency to make my posts too long too, but I have been trying to be better about splitting up thoughts. Or doing "teaser" posts. Or whatever it takes to get more bang for your buck! ;)