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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Deep Thoughts on Lamps

I really feel that lamps make a statement and can make or break a room. That being said, we have never really invested in special lamps for any of our living spaces. Our daughter's rooms do have nice lamps, but that's where it stops. (That's always the case, huh? Our kids get the best? Sheesh, I sound like my mom, right Mom?)

I have been pining for some lamps of late.  Something delicious like this:

Glass Jug Table Lamp
West Elm Glass Jug Table Lamp

Gourd Table Lamp
West Elm Gourd Table Lamp

While I LOVE those lamps, and some others that I can't figure out how to add here, I decided to just try to spruce up something we already had instead of investing some serious cash into a new lamp.

I took this little guy:

And added some RustOleum's Cornflower Blue spray paint to it.
et Voila!

I think it would be perfect for a little boy's room. (Too bad I don't have a little boy - do you?)

Oh, and don't tell my husband, but in my over excitement I accidentally spray painted the lawn too. Well, it's really the wind's fault and not mine! Oops, I have it will be ok once he mows it.


  1. i am so with you on my feelings about lamps... they really do make or break a room and i for one hate shopping for them. i will say homegoods always has great deals on lamps! i found our pair for our fam room on craiglist, but they were originally a tj maxx purchase. i refuse to pay more than 40 bucks for a lamp. i am too cheap! i can't wait to see the lamp in place with its new coat- definitely a huge improvment! and i have senthat owl lamp from west elm, too- oh i love it. but again, i refuse to pay that much!

  2. Great lamps. I've found some great ones at thrift stores. It's just luck.

  3. Love those gourd shaped ones! Agreed, sometimes the money can be an issue....I just saw a post where someone took a large glass bottle and a light kit and made one, can't remember the post...I'll google it and forward it to you, if I can find it!!!

  4. have you seen some of the new lamps target has in the sabrina soto line? very cute and chic! and i'm with Cassie- i absolutely LOVE homegoods/ marshalls for lamps.

  5. Like the new lamp. Not happy about the blue grass.