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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Entryway Evolution

A few weeks ago I posted about my transforming entryway. Remember this horribly empty bookshelf?
I added a tray to the first shelf and it went to this:

So, the tray is there, still un-modge podged (I'm getting there!) I needed some better baskets underneath to  hide all of those hats and clutter. I went to Ikea over the weekend and got some great new baskets. I like that they are a little lighter in color and bigger in size!

Here they are:

They were just the something that I was looking for. When I added the baskets I had to move the shelf up a little, which meant I needed to take off the two black and white NYC prints that were behind it. I think I can find another place to find those.

On top of the shelf, I decided to just lean that cool mirror from long ago.

Now, here is the new and improved entry. 

I need to eventually hang that mirror because right now it looks a little small, but I do like the evolution of everything. Stay tuned for the modge podging and the taller mirror.

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