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Monday, March 14, 2011

Remember my addiction?

The other week I showed you a mirror I had bought at Goodwill for $8. It was a nice thick, square mirror with a pretty awful gold and silver finish on it. Here it is in all it's original glory.
I spray painted it white with a semi-gloss spray paint. It's much better...
But there was something still missing. The hubs and I talked about distressing it a little and maybe adding a little stain to it. I went to the hardware store this weekend and got a black gloss stain with intention of rubbing it along some parts after I sanded it down. Once I started sanding, it was kind of cool to see some of the gold coming through. The sanding really only took to the corners and beveled edges around the glass itself. I guess the rest of it was too flat. But, I like the look. I am kind of a sucky photographer so it's hard to see but here is my best. (The difference is really subtle.)

Kinda cool, huh? So I decided not to do the staining over it. Truth be told, I kind of whimped out! :)

And, here it is in all it's glory hanging on the wall in the dining room. You can even catch a sneak peek at another project I got to over the weekend.
I wonder where the addiction will take hold next...(I say as a creepily rub hands together!)

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  1. Great mirror! I tried that the other day....Mine did not turn out as well as yours. I need to go back and rework it. Looks great hanging on the wall against the blue.