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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mod Podge anyone?

I am thinking of trying this new fangled thing I keep hearing about...mod podge. I think I first heard lure of it way back in the day when Rosie O'Donnell still had her own daytime talk show. Could that be? So I guess it's not new fangled, but I am just old school. Anyway, I wanted to update my entry area. We have a bench near the door where we store shoes and drop bags right when we walk in the door. Across from that - which is what you see when you walk in the front is a bookshelf that remained empty for 6 months.

Yep, that's right, empty. No books. On top there is some clutter and on one shelf is a basket where we keep hats, sunscreen, etc. But, for all intents and purposes, it's empty.
Pathetic, huh? You can clearly see the junk on top and my hubby's sneaks on the bottom. I can't believe I am showing you this.

I rooted around in closets and found a wood tray from Target that I had used on a coffee table a while back. Then, I looked for some books that would be cool without the jackets on them. (They really do look cool like that.) I then added a candle, a goblet and a picture.

I like having the tray there - at least it fills the space a little more. Something is still missing. So, I am thinking of mod podging. Thoughts? From what I can gather, I can glue some decorative paper onto the tray it and make it pop a little more. Or maybe line the back of the shelf? Am I wrong? Any hints? What if I don't like it - is it easy to remove?

Oh, and I realize that the entry still needs something more. I am thinking of getting 2 different baskets maybe a little deeper and bigger so you can't see the stuff inside of them. Having two would help balance the space a little. Oh, and I thinking of adding this mirror above the bookcase too.

Wish me luck on my new gluing endeavor!


  1. i would go for papering the tray- if you get bigger baskets you won't really see it if you paper the back of the shelf so it will be more work, and not as noticeable. mod podge is super reasy to use- go for it! and paper source has awesome gift wrap paper you can use, too! if the tray is small enough you can always use scrapbook paper, too.

  2. Love the mirror! I have a new Walmart here in my town and they are carrying some really nice baskets at a good price....I know hard to believe!!! Walmart and nice baskets, who would have thought!