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Monday, February 28, 2011

Frame Take Two

So, remember my story from last week where I tried to spray paint in the wind? You can read about that here. (I act like my blog is soooo extensive it will be really hard for you to find that post or remember SO far back as last Friday!)

I went back out on Saturday - it was lovely out. And no wind! I had used all of the spray paint in the painting gone wrong adventure, but I was painting the trim in the bathroom (will tell you more about that later this week) and had out the Ultra White semi gloss paint from Behr. I just repainted over what I started. It looks nice, I think.

And here it is back in the bathroom.

I am still not convinced that this frame from the living room should be painted white though. Hmmmm....


  1. Looks great. I love the white with the flowers. I had voted for white for your other frames, but it really depends if white even matches in the room. How about adding a pop of color, maybe one of the colors in the fabric?

  2. love the white! it allows the colors in the fabric to take center stage so much more! i assumed thye were being groupled together, so i don't know about the other frame- i would have to see it in action. and by in action, i just mean hanging where it will hang, as that is as much action a frame gets.

  3. Looking good! The wind here died down too and I got some painting done too! I like it painted white!!