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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little by Little

Big I am...taking a leap of faith and going for it. I have been reading so many amazing DIY blogs lately and am totally inspired. The women I have been reading about are totally talented. I, on the other hand, am not! But, I am going to try. Here's a little history about us...

We have a new house. Well, kind of new. We have been here for about 7 months now. When we moved in, everything was fine: the colors on the walls were fine, the kitchen backsplash, the bathroom faucets, the landscaping. All fine. I was totally content to do nothing here for a while. But, then, I got the bug.

When we owned our last house, we jumped right in with both feet. We totally transformed the half bath, painted the bedrooms, stained the kitchen cabinets, added new countertops, painted the kitchen and den. And that was all in the first 5 months! Well, add two years and a second child and we slowed right down with this house.

I am ready now! I am going to attempt to show the things that I am doing along the way. Limited money, limited ideas, limited know how, limited craftiness and limited creativity. Should be interesting, (insert ridiculous face here) and maybe a little entertaining! I hope you will laugh along with me as I fumble way through!


  1. woo hoo! i am so excited to be your first comment ever! you are going to great, and you need to give yourself a little more credit, sister. enjoy the sander! mike was so cute- he wanted to get you something but really had no idea what to get you started. happy sanding!

  2. I'm excited to be here almost from the beginning. I came over from Pimitive & Proper and look forward to reading along.

  3. You go girl!!! Blogging is wonderful, and you will meet some of the sweetest, most talented people along the way!

    Happy Birthday and congrats on the new sander! Sounds like your sweet hubby "gets it" like mine does. In fact, he does 99.9% of the sanding now.

    Looking forward to reading your new blog,

  4. Happy Birthday to you and Congratulations on starting a blog! I came over from Cassie's blog. I look forward to following you!