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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dining Room

My dining room is the first room we really tackled in this house. I had a vision after seeing this amazing dresser from Cassie.

LOVE! I loved the gray in it as well as the style. I contacted her right away and told her I need something like that ASAP. (Well, as soon as I re-do the room and save some moo-lah for my new custom side board but that doesn't roll off the tongue like ASAP does)

So, I hatched a plan to redo my dining room in those shades. Keep in mind that the room opens into the kitchen and into the living room. It started off beige/yellow on top and red below the chair rail. There was nothing wrong with it, but just not my style. Here are some before shots of the room.

My dad is super handy so I begged him to come for a few days to help us paint (and by help I mean do) as well as add some crown molding and wainscoting. Using that awesome dresser as inspiration, we went with gray on top of the chair rail and white below.

And, here it is with the paint on the walls. The color is Sweatshirt Gray by Benjamin Moore. (My dad raves about B Moore, and says it really goes on the best of all the paints. I listen to dad so went with that. After reading about so many other great option out there, I think I will try something a little cheaper down the line.)

With the crown molding and the start of the wainscoting.

Here are some final pictures of the walls and the new chandelier.

We are still in progress. I hope to get a dark wood table and chairs in the next few weeks. Of course it still needs art on the walls (remember that mirror?) and some curtains. I think the mirror will go on the wall to the right of this little bar. I will be sure to post some more in progress pictures in the coming weeks. I am thinking long white breezy panels (uber cheap from Ikea.) Maybe add a cool fabric border to the top of the curtains, kinda like these awesome curtains from Little Miss Penny Wenny.

I love, love, love our room now. The hard part is looking into the living room and knowing that I am desperate to get that room done too. I need to decide on a color for the walls in there to complement. More on that later. Yay for fun makeovers!


  1. you know i LOVE the direction you are going in with the dining room. love the new light fixture, and really all of it! color, molding, all of it.

  2. Wow the room looks really amazing! I love the colors and the chandelier is gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of Cassie's work and that dresser too. You are doing a great job, don't worry it will all come together. The best part is at least you know what direction you want to go with both room:) Enjoy the process!

  3. Great job on this room.
    I too love the colors, the chandelier, and all of the crown moldings. So pretty.
    Welcome to blog land! i just started a blog too and sometimes it feels like you are writing to empty space...but feel encouraged, it is fun to make progress on your home and to feel like you have a reason to create something new and fun. I love your mirrors too. cute cute.