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Monday, February 21, 2011

Curtains on the cheap

Remember when I mentioned that when we moved in, we loved everything about the house? Well, I think I said that everything was "fine." Let me clarify...when we first looked at the house, we thought it was the kind of house we would LOVE to live in, but never would. We really did love everything about it! That's why we were so content to leave it the way it was for 6 months. I had been thinking about how we could personalize it and make it more of ours for a while, but didn't really start until around the holidays.

One way that I tried to customize our last house was by dishtowel curtains in the kitchen. Yes, you read that right, dishtowel curtains. I found them at Target and they were just the right color blue. I thought it was a little weird, but then I put them up and you couldn't tell they were dishtowels. So, after that, I thought I was genius! (Did you get the sarcasm?) How could you not love $10 custom curtains??

I love Target and am there quite often, so every time I am there, I peruse the dishtowel area looking for something that might work in this kitchen. Our current kitchen is beautiful. I love it. Black and white tile floor, cherry cabinets, black soapstone counters, stainless steel appliances and a red backsplash. Yes, a bright, red backsplash. Don't get me wrong, I love red...but a red backsplash is a bit much. We would love to change it down the line (apparently my dad is a rock star and can change this out for us.) We would love a white subway tile like this one from Home Depot.

Anyway, in the meantime, I needed to find a way to spruce up the kitchen and add a little pizzazz until the tile redo. I figured curtains would be an easy update. Here are some before pictures of the windows. (Excuse the dark photos.)

Looks a little bare, right? That's what I was thinking. One day sometime before the holidays, I saw some red, black and white dishtowels. They were the perfect colors and would add just the right pop of color. I bought 4 of them at $2.99 each! Right?? How great. I got the cafe curtain rods and the ring clips at Lowe's for about $5 each. All I did was fold 2 of them (for the window above the sink) and clip them onto the rod. And, here we are easy!! Target strikes again with custom curtains for under 20 bucks!!


  1. what a thrifty way to get great looking curtains! i love white subway tile, too- our kitchen doesn't even HAVE a backsplash, but if it did it would be white subway tile. :)

  2. tell mike when and if i get the call again, he can be my travelling buddy. :)

  3. Very clever and the perfect way to add a little fun to your window!

  4. Welcome to sure is fun!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Amy! You have a great eye. I am lovin' the custom curtains!!! Congratulations on your new blog.