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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lesson Learned

Aaahh...major mistake today. The forecast had called for torrential rain in the DC area today. It rained early this morning and then by late morning, it was awesome. I took advantage of the sunshine to take a frame outside to spray paint.

I had another frame like this one from the other day...
At the same time I made that for the living room, I made a similar one for our upstairs bathroom. The color on the walls is Soothing Celadon by Behr but we had it color matched to Benjamin Moore. I need to add another coat to the walls in there before I reveal it. So, I digress, the point is that the color on the walls is very similar to that light blue that is in the fabric. Actually, the real point is that I had framed a 8x10 rectangle in a very similar frame to the one that is above. (With all the sun shine today, I forgot to snap a before picture.)

After my post on those frames the other day, I got some good feedback to spray paint those frames white. I was unsure about that in the living room because all of the other frames in there are black. (Feel free to leave your opinion on that!) But, the tile in the bathroom is white with some black and the shower curtain is white, sooooo....I thought a white frame in there would be perfect!

And, here is the lesson learned. Remember the rain I mentioned? Well, it wasn't raining once I put the girls down to nap - it was quite beautiful and I seized the opportunity to get my craft on. But, apparently it was VERY windy. I thought it was no big deal. Uh, rookie mistake! As soon as I started spraying, the newspaper I was using as a blotter started flailing and curling up all over the frame. I would spray, and it would curl from the wind. I managed to get one coat on the frame but it is horribly blotchy from newspaper markings . So, I cleaned up and left it outside to dry. I will surely be at the hardware store to get some more paint later today. I don't want to show a pic now, but will once I fix the mistakes!

And, now I think it is raining. S-a-weet.


  1. i did that once- spray painted in the wind and my paint wasn't going on my stuff and instead was just blowing away in the wind... oops! now i always check the forecast and make sure it's not too windy!

  2. I had this happen this weekend...I was painting a chair and the wind came up and messed it up..Now I'm fixing it!!! I hate wind because it messes with my hair and now because it messes with my projects!