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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am slightly addicted to

...mirrors, apparently. I already showed you this one that I made a few months ago. I bought one from Target the other week to spray paint white and hang in the dining room.

I love, love the shape of it, butI wasn't sold on the size of it for the scale of the wall, so I bought another one at Goodwill this past weekend.

Also, with plans to spray paint it white. I am thinking I can keep them both and hang each somewhere in the house - with one definitely going in the dining room. This afternoon, while it was still sunny, I decided to take this one outside and get started.

It was only $8 (originally marked $80 from somewhere!) so I figured it was an ok place to try my hand at spray painting. Melissa gave me some Krylon semi-gloss spray paint, although we both agreed that gloss would be better, but I went for it anyway! Here it is after one coat.

I must admit, I was a little nervous about the coverage after this coat. The mirror has a lot of cool details and divets and I was unsure how the whole spray thing would go. So, I kept spraying, and spraying and spraying!

Here is an up close shot of the details. Kinda cool, huh?

And, here is a final shot.

My husband and I both agree that it needs a little roughing up. Before I even said what I was thinking, he said he thinks it would look cool distressed a little. I am going to put my new sander to good use and then get some gray stain to rub over it. As, I said, the mirror was 8 bucks, so it's good piece to start experimenting with, right? RIGHT?

So, that's one of the mirrors done. Well, almost done. I will let you know what happens when it is REALLY finished. Still one to go. (That one from the top of the page.) That one will definitely be glossy. And I want to make another one - this time a large floor mirror for my bedroom. You know, like the kind that leans on the floor with a really awesome, chunky frame? I plan to make the cool frame... Kinda like this one from West Elm. Stay tuned for that when I get the cajones up to actually try it.

Chunky Wood Floor Mirror


  1. i am with you on that addiction! i have mirrors everywhere and buy mirrors at goodwill all the time. they just add so much depth and light to a room! and i can always check my teeth no matter what room of my house i am in. ;)

  2. Mirrors are awesome - they work so well everywhere. You forgot the most awesome part - the original price on the back was like $70!!!