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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gallery Wall

There is nothing cuter than kid art. The scribbles, the squiggles, the misshapen heads. I just love it. My older daughter is in her second year of preschool and I can not contain myself from ripping into her backpack when she gets home just to see what kind of goodies are in there. Things don't come home all that often, but when they do, I die. My younger daughter isn't too much of an artiste as of yet, but she is getting there. She can surely get her groove on with her crayons and magic color markers (the ones that only write on the special paper.)

So, given my love of this art, I decided to create a little gallery in the basement family room with some bright, cheap Ikea frames. Right now there are 5 frames, I have a 6th in the laundry room waiting for my youngest to create something dramatic!

I think it is just a perfect little spruce of color on that long wall. And, from where I sit on the couch right now I get a huge smile looking at that adorable art work. And she is so proud when she sees it down here! Seriously, nothing cuter!


  1. Have you seen the frames that they carry at Target that actually hold more art in a case behind the picture? They're only in white though, I think.
    You're a better mom than me-I throw 90% of it out ;)

  2. Looks so cute..I love using the kids art!!!

  3. I also can't wait to see what comes home from school every day! It's so musch more enjoyable to have it out where you can see it than is a big pile (like mine).


  4. It's always so hard for me to choose my favorites! I have plans to make an interchangeable gallery and I may take your idea and frame some "keepers" for their playroom. Love the bright colors! One thing I have done is take pictures of all her work and use a memory card that is only for kids artwork so i can put it in our digital frame and we get to see all our daughters' work without it taking up a ton of space!