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Monday, March 28, 2011

DC Bloggers Brunch...or why I started blogging

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will do anything for an invite to a party. Remember when I started this blog a long time last month? I told you it was because I wanted to try my hand at some new crafts/DIY projects to make our new home reflect us? (You can read more about that here.) Well, that was partly true. The other part of the truth is that I wanted to get invited to the DC area bloggers brunch that was the brain child of my childhood friend Cassie and my neighbor Melissa. Once I found out that Cassie and Melissa were going to be hosting a party at Melissa's house, I had to get myself invited! So, I decided to actually start the blog that I had been thinking about since making my  sunburst mirror back in October.

Well, that fateful party was held this past Saturday. It was so great. Being the newbie it was awesome to meet some really inspirational ladies and get to know some of the faces that I had been reading about. Here is a photo of the lovely ladies...

Back Row, standing: Katelyn, Kyra, Shannon, Kathy, Angie, Andi, and Felicity
Front Row: Cassie, me, seated right behind me is Renee,  SarahLaurie, and Melissa

These ladies are all pretty awesome. And thanks to you all ladies, I now have over 20 followers. Woot, Woot!!!!!!!!!

We had yummy food, drinks and awesome conversation. Not only can these ladies design, craft and decorate, but they can cook!  I brought my delicious caramel apple dip. (There isn't any caramel in it but it sure does taste like it!) At the request of the ladies, here is the recipe:

1 brick of cream cheese (low fat works as well)
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp of vanilla
1 package of toffee bits (I use Heath bar bits that come in  a bag like chocolate chips)

Mix it all together and serve with 6 cut up Granny Smith apples. The tartness of the apples works really well with the sweetness of the dip. It is sooooo easy and sooooo yummy!! I'd post a pic, but we ate it all. Well, to be honest, the ladies didn't eat it all but the hubs and I finished it up last night :)

So, now you know the true story of why I really started this blog. Should I be embarrassed?


  1. Don't be embarrassed! I got really into reading home decor blogs and wanted to join the club. That's why I started mine. Bloggers are an amazing & supportive community! Who doesn't want to be part of something like that?

  2. whatever the reason, i am glad you are doing it and glad you were there. :)
    oh, and thanks for the recipe- that stuff rocked my world.

  3. I'm with the Sarah and Cassie. I'm just glad to have you here and to have met you! And yeah that dip rocks!! Thanks for the recipe! And whoot whoot to over twenty followers! I remember when i went from 2 to 10 and was uber excited! Congrats!

  4. oh man thank you for that recipe! I'm so glad I was able to be there and meet you as well! i can tell already I am going to like your blog!

    And thanks for remembering my dog- haha. she is doing much better now!

  5. I was hoping you'd post that recipe - YUMMO!! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk more, but definitely hope to catch up at the next gathering. I've got 2 little girls as well, so I am sure we have a lot of stories in common. ;) Congrats on building your follower base!

  6. Cannot wait to make and then devour that recipe. I need to host a shower or something so I have an excuse to make it. Can't wait to get together again soon, so psyched to actually know people who live in Arlington now!

  7. Thanks for the recipe...sounds delish...saw this at Cassie's, looks like fun..So glad you started blogging!!!

  8. 24 followers... girl! i'll say i knew you "when"!!!