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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Evolution Continues

Bit by bit I am getting my dining room to where I want it to be. This weekend we added curtains. It really is amazing how curtains can help make a room look more polished.

Here are the bare windows:

I had to put a little shot of the process. We are very technical over here! :)

I chose some sheer white panels from Ikea (you can't beat $9 for the pair!) I wanted to keep it light and airy in the space and this really does the trick. I made sure we hung them high and wide so we didn't lose any light coming from the two windows. I have left them pooling on the ground for now. I'm still contemplating if I will shorten them or not.

And, now here is the final outcome. 

Yes, I know my lighting stinks! Tips anyone???

I am contemplating adding a band of some other fun fabric to the top or bottom. Maybe some cool floral or graphic Amy Butler fabric?? Stay tuned for the next step in the dining room!


  1. i love the softness the curtains add to the room.
    and what kind of camera do you have? is it a point and shoot or is it more sophisticated? if it is more sophisiticated, you just need to play with the white balance, as well as the ISO. i have been working with mine more over the last couple months and it is making a difference, though i am still learning!

  2. I say keep the curtains just the way they are! $9, love Ikea's prices!!! As far as camera's go...I never use a flash. My pics need work too, but I find natural light to be the best! Just my 2 cents! Hey, I sent you an email. Let me know about those links.