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Monday, March 7, 2011


I was away for the long weekend. My mom and I took my older daughter to Disney World and it was AMAZING!!! It was such a special experience to be able to see the excitement and wonder in her little face. I couldn't have asked for a better time. So, I didn't do any projects, but I have something old to show you.

I started painting the bathroom, um, a few months ago. I finally got around to putting on a second coat over the weekend. The color is the same color we used in our half bath in our first house. Soothing Celadon by Behr (we used Benjamin Moore instead.)

Here are some pics, (although I need to re-shoot some in the daytime so you can really see the awesome color):
I also made that curtain! Well, my mom made it but I will take the credit. Hey, I chose the fabric and it was my idea, so really I made it, right? I, she, used a beginner's secret weapon - iron on adhesive! So, I am continuing the really professional tools of the trade: duct tape, spray paint, iron on adhesive, staple gun. It's awesome!


  1. WOW! Disney is so fun, glad you had a great time! Love that color in the bath! It really goes well with the black tile! I'm such a fan of black/white and then a touch of another color. Great choice!

  2. liz, oops, i mean you, did a great job on those curtains! i love the soft colors and i love that tile! i am about to repaint my bathroom and i am about to order my new shower curtain... my color is soft and light now, but i am changing to bold and dramatic! :) it's a very small room, so it won't be hard to change. love the celadon color!