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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I have a little crush

on gray. It all started with this:
Cassie at
It is what gave me the idea to paint my dining room gray. This is a link to my first post about that. The room is horribly unfinished, but it's getting there! The room is painted Sweatshirt Gray from Benjamin Moore. An awesome gray with a hint of the blue that has a great dimension to it.

I think (ok, positively sure) that I have said how much I love gazing into that room from the living room. It is definitely the look that I love and am going for in the rest of the house. The problem is that I do not love gazing into the living room from the dining room. While a beautiful new couch is on my list in the FAR future, I figure paint is the best way to up the anty in there in the short term. 

Here is the wall/couch combo as it now stands:
Not bad by any means, but not like the dining room! I want a light/airy feel to go throughout the house - almost cottagey. I want a lighter/warmer gray than the dining room that won't feel too cold throughout the whole house. Which ever color we choose will run up the stairs and into the hallway upstairs. (I guess I should give you a real tour of the first level of the house. I'll save that for another post!) So, that's what I told the lady at the paint store when I asked for help the other week.

Here is what I am thinking, and I hope you can see the colors well in the pictures. Sweatshirt gray is the top color. The bottom large swatch is Harbor Gray also by Benjamin Moore.

I think Harbor Gray seems to be a combination of both of the middle two colors (Nimbus is one and I can't remember the other and yes, I am too lazy to march myself upstairs to check! Ok?!)
My decision? Harbor Gray! I think it's the perfect color. Now, to actually get the painting done, that's another story. Oy!


  1. Having gone through gray hell with 100+ swatches on the wall, I highly recommend figuring out which direction your room faces and then go to Potomac Paint and ask one of the designers to help you narrow down your choices using their lightbox. I wish I'd done it before I put the current gray in our dining room!

  2. love the color you chose for your dining room! I had the same problem trying to figure out coordinating colors for my living/dining room so I just painted them the same I wish I'd given it a bit more thought like what you are doing:)

  3. Great color! I think the key to any painting project is to dive in and get started. Thinking about it too long will never make it happen :)

  4. Amy did you end up going with Harbor Gray? I'm considering it for our addition, but it looks so dark and kind of brownish on the paint chip that I'm hesitant. I'd love to hear what you think. And if you happen to have any leftovers, I'd be forever grateful to just borrow the can to paint a swatch over here. I promise to return with barely a touch missing!