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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have been searching for the perfect sideboard type piece of furniture for my dining room since we painted it. (I am also getting a new table and chairs but haven't pulled the trigger on that one yet!) Apparently it takes me a while to actually get things done (remember yesterday's post? Speaking of which, thanks to Andi for finding me a pattern so I don't have to use the dreaded protractor!)
Do you remember my dining room? Honestly, how could you forget since it's the only room I dare ever show you! In case you forget, here are some refresher pics...(humor me people)

Anywho...I have been searching and searching. You all know my love for Cassie's amazing work. She has been on the lookout for me for a while for something that might fit my needs. I really would like a dresser or chest of drawers instead of a real sideboard. Something like these:

Top two images from Cassie at
martha's vineyard chest

somerset long key chest

somerset bay indian key chest 2
santa rosa server
Bottom  four images from Centsational Girl
I am really leaning toward a feminine looking French-ish piece. I think it will be a nice juxtaposition to the rest of the furniture in my house. 

Well, low and behold, my parents have something that might just do! When I was there the other week, my mom reminded me of some chests that they have had in their house since they were married! So, it's not french, but it has some neat details. Use your imagination and think of Cassie's handiwork!

Please don't mind the basement storage area...there are two chests

Do you see the cool details? So, while they aren't french and curvy and girly, they definitely have some neat detail to them. What do you think, Cass. (Are you reading this???)

The only problem...they are in Massachusetts and I am in Virginia. My parents are not planning on driving down again until this summer. I've waited this long, right????


  1. wait for those two chests- they are perfect! and i know you were thinking gray, but how bout a tiffany blue to feminize them and then shine up the brass pulls? i think bringing a splash of color in there would be lovely! i will try to find some links to send you. and nope, i hadn't read this before i emailed you!

  2. Oh you must tell where you got the pattern. I'm working on a little table and I want it to come out better than my tray.

  3. I think they would look great as a sideboard! And thanks for the public thank you :) I'm just glad I could help!!

  4. Oh I love those! I'm with Cassie, they would be worth the wait!

  5. First of all, your chandelier is TO DIE FOR!!! Its gorgeous! And I LOVE the the chests, the details are so great! I agree! Wait it out...that way they have meaning to you too! They are not just from some random thrift store!

  6. I'm with Cassie on the color - you might want something with a bit more contrast - what about navy blue?