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Monday, May 16, 2011

Living Room: The Early Years

The other week I mentioned the painting that is forthcoming in the living room. The vision is to paint the room, stairwell and upstairs hallway a coordinating/lighter gray than the dining room. We think we settled on Benjamin Moore's Harbor Gray.

Anywho...(I actually hate when people say anywho, not sure why I just did!) I digress. My point is that I have never really shown pictures of the whole living room. So, I thought I would go for it, finally. I know, I know, you just can't stand it.

I haven't done too much creative/crafty in this room in terms of furniture choices and arrangement. Except for a few crafts, the room is a blank slate, calling out to be helped. ("Help me, help me!" Can you hear it??)

Here are a few things that I have managed to cobble together to give the room a little pizzazz.

And, now here are some pics of the actual room.

These top two pictures are what you see when you walk into the house.
This is the stairwell wall.
This is the area directly to the left of the front door.
I thought about cleaning up the bags, but that is what it really looks like on a daily basis.
This is the view from the stairs. Into the dining room on the right and the playroom through the french door.
A closer up view into the playroom.
And, finally, the view from the dining room.
So, there you have it. Our humble living room. I've big plans baby! Tomorrow, I will show you a quick little update that I added over the weekend. Thanks for indulging me. (I think I'm just talking to you, Mom. And maybe you too, Di!)

P.S. Every time I typed went to type living room, I actually typed dining room. I think I have written ONE too many posts about the d.r.!

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  1. Thanks for linking up to my house party! Can't wait to see what kind of magic you work. Maybe you'll make loads of money on the yard sale and can buy all sorts of fun stuff :)

  2. do you guys use that room often? have you thought about maybe just doing a couple chairs facing the fireplace? clearly you watch tv downstairs, so just a thought.