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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm a Winner

No, that's not my daily affirmation, although maybe it should be. (Hardy, har, har...) But, no, seriously, I am a winner! I never win anything. I entered one of Cassie's giveaways (she reached over 1500 followers. WHOA!) She was giving away an awesome photo charm necklace from Sodderbug. Take a look at some of Janelle's awesome designs:

dsc_3757 - copy.jpgdsc_3747 - copy.jpgdsc_3932.jpg dsc_3751 - copy.jpg

I am so excited to wear a cool new, photo charm. Now, what to put on it! When I entered the contest I had to say what I would get if I won. I said I would probably get something with my girls on it. But, now I am not so sure! First off, I don't have a great picture of them since my friend and fabulous photographer Kate did a shoot of the girls when the littlest sister was born. 18 mths ago! I suppose that would be a sweet photo.

Or maybe something more graphic and just as meaningful like our anniversary or conglomeration of important dates in our lives like this:

All photos courtesy Leo Reynolds on flickr.  What do you think???





  1. Maybe this is a good excuse to get some new family pictures taken :)