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Monday, May 2, 2011

Longest Project EVER!

I started to paint this table

FOREVER ago.  I really think it was at the beginning of April. I was working at night and then had some meetings, it was spring break, evening activities, yada, yada, yada.

I finally got the 2nd coat of white paint on it over the weekend. I don't even think that's an updated picture. But, you get the idea.

I had several ideas of where to take this table once I painted it. I know I wanted to paint some sort of details using gray on top.  I thought a stencil, diagonal stripes, chevron stripes.  Well, the stencil I have on hand is too short for the width of the table, the diagonal stripes seem to boring. I decided on chevron strips, seems they are everywhere these days.

And this one from jandjhome:
 She tried it free hand, I thought I could too. Well, I realized I couldn't do that, so I tried to measure and tape and all of those tricks. It wasn't quite looking right or even at all. (I have no pictures of this sad process.) I asked my husband what he thought and he told me I needed a protractor. WHAT? A protractor? That math is too advanced for me. So, it sits in the corner of my family room, with 2 sad taped out stripes on it, my camera, my pencil, my measuring tape, and my protractor. Yes, you read that right, I bought a protractor. Now, I need the guts and gumption to go for it. I am feeling defeated. Must. Get. This. Done! Soon, maybe??


  1. You just made me laugh. I am so not mathematical either, I would have no idea how to use a protractor for this pattern! Good luck and thanks for posting my tray.

  2. Can you somehow find the pattern online, enlarge it and print it out? Use it as a template to mark your pattern? Good luck! I haven't used a protractor since high school!

  3. Look what I found!!!
    Hope it helps!!

  4. andi is so helpful! i just came to comiserate... i haven't done it and i think it looks really hard. :)