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Sunday, May 8, 2011

That MIT degree finally comes in handy...

Ok, ok, my HUSBAND's MIT degree came in handy, not mine. So, I finally finished the table! YAY!!! Damn, it was time consuming. You saw it painted white. I took forever to bite the bullet on the chevron stripes that I finally decided on after weeks of hemming and hawing on what to do. But, one evening last week I enlisted my mathematically inclined hubby's help to get the stripes going. Oy, is all I can say!

First, I  (well, he) drew a line down the middle of the table.

Then, I decided on the angle of where I wanted the first stripe to hit the middle line. I measured the distance from the edge of the table to my angled line end.

 Then I decided how wide I wanted the stripes to be. From that point on, I just marked the appropriate widths across the whole length of the table. Can you believe I didn't use the protractor!! Until the very end.

At the end, there wasn't enough space to do the full measurements of the last stripe. But, I still wanted to have the beginnings of one. So, handy man brought out the protractor and figured out the angle for me. Don't know how he did it, so there is no info for ya! After marking out all of the lines with my ruler, I taped off the 3 inch wide stripes that were going to stay white.

I painted the un-taped areas sweatshirt grey by Benjamin Moore (leftover from my dining room)

and then I waited. several days. There were some "holidays" as my dad likes to call them and I had run out of steam for a second coat. So, finally today I finished the last coat and ripped off that blue tape.

Et volia

I am pretty proud of myself. Here's to hoping that each furniture project doesn't take me weeks upon weeks to actually complete!
Before and after:
Now, I just need to figure out where to put it. If you remember, it came from the dining room, but won't be returning there. I am waiting for my new chests to arrive from MA. For now it is in the family room. We'll see if it lasts.


  1. Totally cute! I love me some chevron pattern.

  2. it looks great! mike would kill me... i did a desk very similarly... i just found the mid point and eyeballed all my lines and it came out really well- no measuring or degree needed! it is the lazy gal's chevron! could it go in your fam room by the srairwell?

  3. That damn degree finally came in handy

  4. Looks great. I love that your hubby helped.

  5. you did it!! It turned out great. You lost me at angle...blech math. They are the best angles I have ever seen though! :-)

  6. LOOOOOOVE IT!!! Im seriously impressed by all the math going on there! I love that you brought the protracter out! It was worth the extra effort. It looks fabulous!